• Pictures from the mining room

    On March 21, the mining room was visited by filmmaker Per Salmin. Two representatives from the Ytterby Mining Association were present. See the pictures below.

  • Update from the Ytterby Gruva Association

    Update from the Ytterby Gruva Association

    Hello everybody! We are closely connected with Stiftelsen Ytterby Gruva, and things have started to move, both in terms of the association’s activities and the ownership of the mining area. Status report A very active 2022 is coming to an end and we want to take the opportunity to give some updates.A larger number of […]

  • Workday reminder!

    Hi! Here comes the promised reminder of working day on Sunday, November 13. I am attaching the invitation again. Those of you who can join, please register now to Per Troein, address per.troein@iqvia.com Tell us: We need to know how much sausage to buy for the barbecue, e.g. And in view of the afternoon’s exercises, […]