• TV4: Desirable earth metals were discovered in Sweden

    Ytterby Gruva was mentioned the other day in a feature on the TV4 news. You can find the feature here, as well as on our page “Gruvan i media”

  • Two exciting stories about Ytterby Mine

    Hi everyone! On Sunday August 28 at 11:00 we invite you to two events around the mine, which we think will be very interesting. At 11.00, up at the bailiff’s office (above the stairs up to the mine), Bengt Sandell will answer questions about when the mine was sold to the Crown in 1953. Bengt […]

  • Information from the Ytterby Gruva association

    Ytterby Mine on Resarö has a unique place in scientific world history. Swedish chemists found there and identified during the 18th and 19th centuries eight new, previously unknown elements: four of these have been named after the village, namely yttrium, terbium, erbium and ytterbium. The others are holmium, scandium, thulium and tantalum, and a Swiss […]