Public guided tours

Guided tour of the open pit mine in Ytterby Gruva
Guided tour of the open pit mine in Ytterby Gruva

Public viewings of the open pit are held on the following dates. The views do not include the underground facility. Tickets for SEK 80 are sold on the spot a quarter of an hour before the show (swish only)

Advance notification to is required. Email names, how many of you there are and which show you want to attend. Please note that viewings may be fully booked.

  • Sunday June 11 at 10.30 (Guide: Maria Johansson)
  • Sunday July 9 at 10.30 (Guide: Maria Johansson)
  • Sunday July 30 at 10.30 (Guide: Eric Thorslund)
  • Sunday August 27 at 10.30 (Guide: Maria Johansson)

Meeting place: Ytterbyvägen 65, below the stairs.

The tour is outdoors and takes about an hour

Own visit

During the summer of 2017, in collaboration with the city of Vaxholm and the Fortifications Agency, we installed a number of signs in and around the opencast mine with useful information about the mine’s history. You can therefore advantageously hike here on your own.

Private tour

It is possible to book a private viewing with your own guide. There are two different types of views to choose from:

The open pit

We offer a tour of the open pit, which is mostly about the mining period, the geological discoveries and the chemical discoveries. The show is held outdoors and lasts about an hour.

The cold war

We also offer a tour of the underground facility from the days of the Cold War where we tell the story of what happened in the period from 1933 onwards. You then have the opportunity to come in and see the piece up to the room that was the electrical room during the Cold War. Currently, the tunnel further into the mine shaft is closed. This viewing also takes about an hour. Age limit 12 years

The views can be combined. Let us know which screening(s) you are interested in.


The price for a private viewing is SEK 800 + SEK 60/person. If you want to combine two viewings one after the other, for example a viewing of the open pit with a viewing of the underground facility, the price is SEK 1,200 + SEK 80/pers. A lower price is offered for school tours.

How to get here

The open pit is located on Resarö’s eastern headland in Vaxholm municipality (1). There are three ways to get here:

  • With Waxholmsbolaget ferry from Stockholm to Ytterby jetty (2), then walk 200m to Ytterbyvägen 65. During the winter, however, traffic on the jetty is sparse.
  • By SL bus to hpl Ytterby (3). Then walk about 1 km along Ytterbyvägen (about 15 minutes).
  • By car to Ytterbyvägen 65. Please note that parking options are very limited.