We who are passionate about putting Ytterby mine on the map represent a wide range of skills, necessary to bring such a complex project to fruition. We also have a large international network of contacts in the mining industry and research related to Ytterby.

Some of the founders

  • Magnus Ericsson, professor vid LTU och grundare av Raw Materials Group. Internationellt erkänd expert inom råvarubranschen.
  • Lena Gumaelius, TeknDr, forskare och lektor i Teknikvetenskapens lärande (KTH).
  • Michael Hermansson, Bergsingenjör (KTH), välkänd konsult och utbildare inom spräng- och borrningsteknik.
  • Sven Olof Kviman, Överstelöjtnant, välkänd entreprenör i Vaxholm där otaliga framgångsrika kulturprojekt initierats av honom.
  • Eric Thorslund, Fil.kand (GU), studier vid KTH och SU i maskin-, material- och miljöteknik. Mångårig medarbetare vid Vaxholms Fästnings museum.

Ytterby Mine Foundation’s purpose

Promote activities that preserve, develop and make visible the cultural and mining-historical environment that is made up of Ytterby Gruva’s above-ground and underground facilities.

The foundation’s purposes can be promoted by;

  • Establish contacts with universities, other research institutions and researchers in Sweden and internationally in order to promote research, education and teaching in areas related to the foundation’s purposes.
  • Ensure that information about research and development in connection with projects carried out in the mine is disseminated.
  • Contact cooperation partners, both Swedish and international, to inform them about Ytterby Mine.
  • To the extent of resources, grant scholarships to school pupils, students, researchers and others, whose work is useful for the Foundation’s purposes. However, scholarships awarded must constitute no more than five percent of the annually determined amount, which may be used to fulfill the foundation’s purposes. Decisions on grants can be made by the board after application or by independent decision without prior application. To fulfill the foundation’s purposes, the annual direct yield with deductions for costs may be used. Direct yield refers to ongoing income, such as interest and dividends. In addition, the foundation may use the foundation’s capital, however, taking into account the Foundation Act’s requirements for duration.