Greetings from the Ytterby Mining Association

Hi everyone!

We have made it a little way into a new year, and it is time to renew the membership in the Ytterby Gruva Association by paying the annual fee, SEK 250. It must be deposited into the association’s bank account in SEB, clearing no. 5330, account no. 1014380.

It’s easy to forget, so I’m attaching a “come-to-remember document” to this email. Print it out and put it with other bills due so you’ll remember. It is of course important that you write who has paid, otherwise we will have a hard time ticking that thing off in the member list 😉

Another thing:
Is there anyone who would think it would be fun to train as a guide in the mining area? There would have to be a few of us who could take care of each group from time to time. If you are interested in that matter, write an email to Eric Thorslund, email address a>

Kind regards from the board through Berit (Nordlund, secretary)