“We lived 7 people in the bailiff’s office”

On Sunday, August 28, there were three different presentations on site at Ytterby Gruva.

  • Eric Thorslund told the story of the mine and the discovery of the elements.
  • Bengt Sandell, whose grandfather’s father was the last mine bailiff, told a little about the time from when the mine stopped being used in 1935 until the family sold it to the Crown in 1953. He told, among other things, how the family with five children lived in what we today call the mining bailiff’s office.
  • Susanne Sjöberg told, on site in a rock room about 400 meters in, about her research on biological processes that create minerals in the mine tunnel.

Each of these presentations had 40 – 50 participants, and were highly appreciated.

As we have told you before, we will have another program now at the end of the summer:
On Sunday, September 4, we will again offer “Ytterby Gruva and the Cold War” with Tommy Wahlund and Sven-Olof Kviman. The core of their presentation is material from various archives, which has largely been classified as secret.
The presentation is made in a rock room about 400 meters in, with an entrance from the oil quay below the parking lot on Isterbergsvägen, below Fältspatsvägen

The first tour starts at 11 a.m. It is focused on families with children.
The second tour starts at 12.00. On this tour it is possible to walk right up to the original mine shaft, but

it requires that you have rubber boots and that you have turned 15.
Put on warm clothes – it’s cool in the mine, about 8°C, but we heat the rock room where the actual presentation takes place.

Registration is made to per.troein@gmail.com

  • The tours are free of charge for members of the Ytterby Gruva Association.
  • If anyone is interested in becoming a member, it costs SEK 250 for a tour incl. membership.
  • Anyone who wants to join without becoming a member pays SEK 50 for the tour

Payment is made via Swish, nr 123 242 1311