Two exciting stories about Ytterby Mine

Hi everyone!

On Sunday August 28 at 11:00 we invite you to two events around the mine, which we think will be very interesting.

At 11.00, up at the bailiff’s office (above the stairs up to the mine), Bengt Sandell will answer questions about when the mine was sold to the Crown in 1953. Bengt belongs to the family of the last mine bailiff. Among other things, he will tell about how 5 people lived in what we call the mining bailiff’s office.

At 11.45, in the mine passage (below Fältspatsvägen), Susanne Sjöberg will answer questions about the research she has done about both the “bubbles” on the walls in the passage and earlier about the groundwater around the mine.

The screenings are free for members of the Mining Association.
We want as many people as possible to become members, and you can become members at the meetings. The cost is SEK 250. Anyone who is not a member and does not want to become one pays SEK 50 per person. Payment is made via Swish no.1232421311

We also want to tell you already now that Sunday, September 4we will again offer “Ytterby Gruva and the Cold War” with Tommy Wahlund and Sven-Olof Kviman. The presentation is made in a rock room about 400 meters in. On this tour, it is possible to walk all the way to the original mine, but you must have boots and be over 15 years old. Further details follow.

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